Genesis Blu: Defiant Southern Empress of the Houston Hip-Hop Scene

"She's positive and poetic, yet crisp and caustic, with a maturing flow that refuses to be contained by contemporary rap tropes."

Katie Sullivan, Houston Press

Album Release: Genesis Blu “Bluming Season”

"Each track is an audible affirmation to a dope ass beat."

Life, Lyrics and Lipstick

Local Rappers Stand Out While Mike Jones Keeps Fans Waiting

"Genesis Blu, the "head-fucking hen" of the Houston rap scene, approached her portion of the HOU's Next set with her signature lyricism, humility and positivity."

Katie Sullivan, Houston Press


Houston Rappers Have a Message: "Stop Killing Us"

"Genesis Blu, a local female rapper who is starting to gain her own footing, has helped start a movement known as #StillDreamin."

Brandon Caldwell, Houston Press